The reflections in these posts explore improving organizational performance through personal and team development and engagement.
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One element critical for team success


If asked to name one element critical for team and organizational success across all industries and environments, what would you say?  Perhaps vision? Shared values?  Purpose?  Or possibly skills, and ensuring the people with the right skills are in the roles that make best use of their strengths. Maybe you’d say strategic thinking or an effective business plan.  Maybe camaraderie, cohesiveness, or focus on results. All of these things are important, it’s true.  And … Read More

Create the company culture you want!


Culture in the workplace.  It can make the difference between a place people love to work or one they dread. For something that has such a profound impact on the success of an organization, the accidental company culture is surprisingly common! If you are a leader in your organization, you have a choice. You can be intentional about establishing and developing the culture you want.  Or, you can do nothing toward creating culture and … Read More

Keep Team Development Momentum Going


You’ve just wrapped up an energizing and motivational day of team development.  Now what?  How do you keep the momentum going? Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to be purposeful about ongoing team development!  Looking for ways to make the most of those opportunities on a regular basis is the key to turning your team into a cohesive, engaged, and collaborative unit. And when you do that, your team members become more competent communicators, … Read More

What do you believe?


Last week’s Inspiration Conference at San Diego Women’s Week was, well, inspirational! The underlying theme from speaker after speaker?  Believing.  Believing – that you can make a difference, that you will succeed, that your thoughts and perspective are valuable, that the world can be a better place… There is tremendous power in our beliefs – they propel us toward the future we are creating each moment. From Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot and … Read More

On being a servant leader


What does it mean to be a servant leader?  Whether we recognize it or not, as leaders we have an enormous responsibility to those who follow us.  And the higher a leader is within an organization, the greater the responsibility. A leader has the ability to provide or withhold resources that others need to be successful. Access to training, coaching, tools, technology, or a psychologically safe work environment are all within the leader’s control. … Read More

Feeling grateful


At an event I attended recently, everyone was asked to share what they were grateful for that day – and we were only allowed to use three words. Many included words like, “family,” “friends,” “my clients”, or even more specifically, “my friend Sharon,” or “my three children.” No one, however, said anything like, “my new car” (or any other material item). It was glaringly obvious that it was the connections with others that held … Read More

Time management illusion


Did you know that the word “time” is used more often in the English language than any other noun? In the United States especially, we are obsessed with time. Being on time, making the most of time, providing goods and services “just-in-time,” wasting time, killing time, spending time (ideally quality time), saving time… I could go on, but in the interest of time will stop here as I am sure you get the picture. … Read More

Why attend a conference?


You have many demands on your time and budget. Why would you want to add to that by adding a conference or two to your schedule? Having just attended the AEE’s incredible 43rd Annual International Conference, I can share some of the reasons why I already have next year’s Association for Experiential Education conference on the calendar, set as a high priority. Connecting with others who share your interests, and at the same time … Read More

Is yours a healthy workplace?


Do you go to work each day in a healthy workplace, or do you consider it toxic? If it’s not as healthy as you’d like, what can you do to improve it? You make choices every day that can influence the overall culture of your workplace – and that includes influence over how healthy that culture is. When you hold an early morning meeting, do you bring: doughnuts? bagels? fresh fruit? Do you use … Read More

Less is More


A neighbor of mine writes an inspirational note each day on a whiteboard hanging on a fence. Sometimes the messages are quite long, but the other day all it said was, “Less is more.” Which, of course, got me thinking. How can it be that “less = more?” It’s not logical, not rational. But does it have to be logical or rational to be true? How often do you find yourself rushing through a … Read More

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