Tools for leading people effectively.

Custom designed, cost effective workshops for leaders in your organization.

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✓ Build Trust



✓ Cultivate Teams



✓ Manage Change


Stop feeling like an imposter and lead your team with confidence.

  • Learn coaching skills for team member development
  • Learn tools to motivate and inspire your team
  • Learn to thrive when change is constant
  • Learn to lead with emotional intelligence

Why Leadership Training?

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Build Trust

Building a trusting relationship with your team allows you to capitalize on great ideas and better navigate the ship when things go wrong.

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Collaborate Effectively

Successful leaders know how to set the tone and create a culture of teamwork and engagement while leveraging the team’s skills and talents.

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Manage Change

Change is constant when you’re leading a team. Thriving teams succeed when they learn how to manage change effectively.

Cultivating Leadership Skills

Fact-based Coaching

This program teaches leaders in your organization how to use Fred Harburg's FACT model to coach and develop their teams.

Innovate For Success

Take a holistic look at problem solving, focusing on the root cause and evaluating alternatives.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a game-changer for leaders. Learn the skills that make up the secret sauce of the most successful leaders.

What’s Your Story

Geared toward new leaders. We explore concepts such as internal dialog and how to rewrite the narrative you are living.

Transform Your Meetings

No more unproductive and excessively time-consuming meetings! Transform them to effective, outcome-focused, engaging events.

Leadership Coaching

Sometimes you need one on one help to tackle the problems you are facing. We work with you as a thought-partner to find effective solutions for your leadership challenges.

Being A Confident Leader Is Possible

1. Have a conversation with Jani

We meet to discuss how you want to improve as a leader.

2. Participate in an engaging workshop

Develop your leadership skills in a custom-designed workshop that combines fun with purpose

3. Lead your team with confidence

Apply new skills to become a more confident leader. Transform your team and organization.