Tools to benefit individual team members.

Custom designed experiential workshops to quickly learn professional skills with real world application. Teams that move mountains are made up of individuals performing at their peak.

Prestenter in front of projection screen

Get The Support You Need

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to see how professional training applies on the job, day to day. Our custom designed workshops are built with the individual in mind, focusing on practical skills you can apply immediately. Because we know that when you’re good at your job you will enjoy showing up every day!

Real World Application

Improve Communication

When things go wrong at work, it’s often a result of miscommunication. Our workshops improve your communication skills and overall satisfaction at work.

Be More Productive

Accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively feels great. Building your professional skills allows you to do more.

Gain Confidence

Increasing knowledge and skills creates an infinite upward spiral of success that will increase your confidence.

Invest in You

1. Have a Conversation with Jani

We meet to discuss what areas you want to develop.

2. Participate in a Custom Workshop

Your custom-designed interactive workshop will combine fun with purpose to quickly learn professional skills with real world application

3. Love Your Job

Having new ways to engage your job more holistically will give you confidence on the job, every day!