Jeffery Lynch, Claims Training and Development Manager
Scott McClatchey, Wealth Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM WWM Financial
Jani is outstanding with large team trainings. Her activities are well thought out and customized for the client’s employee development needs. They are fun and help staff get to know each other on a more personal level but always tie back to your specific business need. She does a fantastic job of monitoring the audience and adjusting the exercises on the fly. I highly recommend hiring Jani for the critical task of employee development!
Laura Henderson
North County HR
From the beginning to the end Jani was there for us! Her calm demeanor was refreshing and very helpful. She provided a safe way to communicate our needs, challenges, hurdles and triumphs so she would be able to knit us together as a more  vibrant team. We came out a better organization stronger with the ability to communicate with each other as a group with higher expectations and solid building blocks toward our foundation’s future. Jani possessed both vision and competency throughout the entire process. She went above and beyond to complete the communication circle and therefore guiding us to a more succinct strategic plan. Personally it has made me feel more confident to be vulnerable in learning new ways to achieve success. Jani gave us the proper tools to move our organization into a position of strength in 2020 and beyond.
Lisa Rodman
CEO, Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation
I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with (and be trained by) Jani over the past year or two and am always impressed by her strong communication skills. She’s an intuitive trainer, which means she can dial in to the various people (and personalities) in a group and tailor her approach specifically for their needs. This requires emotional IQ as well as empathetic listening skills. I would trust Jani in pretty much any situation. She’s a positive force for good in an organization. Direct. Friendly. Professional. And a large dose of integrity. If I could hire her, I would.
Chris Ryan
Owner and Creative Director, Ryan Video Productions
I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Jani Jackson, for over 7 years. We worked closely on Chamber committees, where she would frequently lead workshops on Team Building.  Jani has this amazing way of bringing people/teams together.  Her communication style is welcomed: succinct, clear/concise, with leadership direction.  Jani is well respected throughout her communities!  I would highly recommend using her in your profit or non-profit entities.
Lisa O’Hearn
Cabi Clothing
Recently attended a Board of Directors virtual retreat created and run by Jani. Fun, informative, challenging and productive! Jani brings humor and a wonderful sense of balance and humanity to everything she creates. Thanks Jani for a great day!
Fred Hale
Hale & Associates
Thank you to Jani Jackson. You planned an amazing itinerary and trip that no one will ever forget. Your tireless efforts toward our individual pursuits and continuous support to fulfill the potential you have seen within each person on our team is appreciated beyond words.
Elise S.
I highly recommend Jani Jackson’s trainings!  She usually works with groups of adults, but she came and worked with several groups of young teen girls and they immediately followed her instructions and grew personally while having so much FUN!  Her quiet and gentle, yet firm manner encourages people to step out of their comfort zone to do activities they have never done before.  And the results are amazing.
Corie De Anda
Hermanitas Director, MANA of North San Diego County
Jani Jackson is an expert at bringing teams together through custom team building exercises as well as productivity focused workshops. She always leads with an engaging style that draws even the most skeptical participant to a fun and purposeful experience.  I have participated in many of the in-person and virtual ice breakers, workshops and team building exercises Jani regularly leads through the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.  Her experience and depth of knowledge in her field is unmatched.    And, as a past organizer of team building and educational events at a Fortune 500 company, I can see Jani’s genius and purpose as she takes participants through exercises targeted to a specific goal.  If I knew about Develop Your Team back then, our efforts would have been so much more valuable.
Anita Bennett
Owner, Sunset Bay Candy
My experience with Jani has been in her capacity as a leader. Jani brings so much positive energy to her leadership roles. Whatever group she is working with, she encourages all members to participate and always provides constructive feedback. Jani tries to build a personal relationship with everyone to the effect that she builds trust quickly – so important for promoting a healthy team. She is a perfect leader to inspire those around her.
Kim Shea
Retirement and Purposeful Living Coach at Aging Purposefully
I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jani Jackson’s team building expertise in the context of a Carlsbad Chamber committee. She demonstrated her situational insights for matching the techniques to the goal. The result – an energized committee with more member to member trust and having more fun.  Thank you Jani!
John O’Reilly
Owner and Founder, O’Reilly Wealth Advisors
I just wanted to thank you for the great two-day conference in Sacramento. I loved the topic and learning from you… I know training is your “job” but anyone who sat in that room could see and hear that this was more than a teacher teaching a student. You are a great example of teaching from the heart. I am encouraged to take this new life lesson and applying it to not only my work life but for personal as well.
Theresa Lobre
Compliance Specialist
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the intermediate coaching class over the past couple of days. You kept the class moving so well with the different activities and topics. I came away feeling that coaching can be such an enjoyable process that you can count on me to use it.
Workshop Participant
Intermediate Coaching Workshop
Jani, as a trainer it is always a treat to attend training as a student to observe other styles and approaches to learning. I wanted to thank you for making the intermediate coaching a safe environment to learn and discuss true issues that are facing each of us in the workplace and sometimes more personally in our private lives. Your calm enthusiasm was contagious and made each of us want to do and be better at this thing we call coaching. I really enjoyed the class but feel that your facilitation was the secret of success of the class and I feel lucky to have attended your session.
Diane W.
Training Specialist
Wherever you go, you will change people’s lives for the better. You have already done that for us.
Dana R.
Training and Development Specialist