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What do you believe?


IMG_0611Last week’s Inspiration Conference at San Diego Women’s Week was, well, inspirational! The underlying theme from speaker after speaker?  Believing.  Believing – that you can make a difference, that you will succeed, that your thoughts and perspective are valuable, that the world can be a better place… There is tremendous power in our beliefs – they propel us toward the future we are creating each moment.

From Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot and author of The P.I.L.O.T. Methodwe don’t need to know the “how” in order to believe.  In fact, sometimes we let the “how” get in the way of success.  Instead of figuring out how to do something, have you ever found that you’ve talked yourself out of doing it because you didn’t know how?  Be your own cheerleader, believe in yourself, and you can accomplish incredible things!

Even with the best cheerleading, sometimes we can still find ourselves feeling powerless in the face of challenges.  How to overcome that feeling?   The amazing Amy Cuddy shared insights on the power that comes from trusting in our own unique qualities and abilities, and from believing in ourselves. In her new book, Presence, she shares her research about the body-mind connection and how that connection can be harnessed to build confidence. “The way you carry yourself is a source of personal power… the key to presence.”  When we believe in ourselves, we are authentic, present, and confident.

Naomi Tutu offered the most powerful message of belief and hope: Don’t look at what you see today and accept it as the conclusion of your story.  Work toward your dreams.  Prepare yourself.  Opportunities we can’t imagine will come to pass.


What is the world you are dreaming?  What are you doing to live that life?


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  1. Shari
    | Reply

    Love this post!!! So timely for me! I will check out the links!

  2. Sandy
    | Reply

    Very inspirational and motivating post. I’m working on becoming my own cheerleader.

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