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Engagement: a win-win


Is engagement a good thing for businesses?  You bet it is!  So then does that mean it’s not a good thing for employees?  What do you think?  Are the two mutually exclusive?  I would say – Absolutely not!  When the people who are part of a business are actively engaged in helping that business achieve its goals and achieve its vision, everyone wins. The company wins, yes.  But so do the employees and the customers, too.

What does it mean when someone is “engaged” in an activity?  To me, it means being attentive, focused, interactive, and devoting energy with pleasure – which makes the activity satisfying and enjoyable.  Have you ever been so deeply engaged in an activity that hours passed without you even being aware?  Aside from the drawback of say, being late for dinner, that kind of absorption and focus is generally a good thing.

The reason engagement is good for employers is precisely because it is good for employees.  The outcomes that benefit the employer – such as: higher productivity, fewer absences, less turnover, and improved customer service – result when employees enjoy the work they are doing, understand their goals and how those goals align with the bigger purpose of their company, feel valued and supported, and are able to contribute fully by applying their strengths.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in.  Who do you think benefits the most when people are fully engaged in their work?

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