“Wherever you go, you will change people’s lives for the better. You have already done that for us.”

“I wanted you to know and thank you because you really inspire me to be a better leader.”

“I appreciate the fun and fellowship we are able to have as a team! I think it is rare, and is attributed to your leadership.”

“As a result of your determination and supportive leadership style, I have learned a great deal on how to handle challenging situations all the while remaining optimistic and positive.”


“Your leadership, caring, and the genuine support you demonstrated about the project was very encouraging and helped me to press ahead.”


“Thank you for being a positive role model for me.”

“Jani, As a trainer it is always a treat to attend training as a student to observe other styles and different approaches to learning. I wanted to thank you for making the intermediate coaching a safe environment to learn and discuss true issues that are facing each of us in the workplace and sometimes more personally in our private lives. Your calm enthusiasm was contagious and made each of us want to do and be better at this thing we call coaching. I really enjoyed the class but feel your facilitation was the secret of success of the class and I feel lucky to have attended your session.”

“Our conference activities ‘Clockwork,’ ‘Copy Machine,’ and ‘Way to Go’ went absolutely fabulous. They tied directly into our theme, Enlighten, Engage, and Empower. I am very appreciative of your help and follow up in making sure that our conference was a success. We have deployed a survey to secure some formal feedback, but as witness to the reactions and having side conversations I am confident we hit the mark.  Thank you so much for everything.”

Thank you to Jani Jackson. You planned an amazing itinerary and trip that no one will ever forget. Your tireless efforts towards our individual pursuits and continuous support to fulfill the potential you have seen within each person on our team is appreciated beyond words.”

“Thanks again for all of the help you provide daily! Your thoughts and your wisdom is unmatched and you are very much appreciated.”


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