Take Control of Your Time

Who controls your time? Are you in charge, or do you leave it up to chance?

Making the best use of your time is more than calendars and to-do lists. Those are definitely important, but not enough. What could be getting in your way and keeping you from taking control of your time?

This workshop will help you truly understand where your time goes as you develop strategies to focus your time and energy in those areas that are most important and impactful for you.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discuss five workflow processing steps
  • Consider strategies to improve effectiveness at each step
  • Explore underlying issues that get in the way of making the best use of time
  • Discover how multi-tasking impacts productivity
  • Compare “time management” and “energy management”
  • Apply urgent and important criteria to various life activities
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Group size: Up to 25
  • Format: Two-hour, interactive workshop